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No doubt, Traffic Rider is a popular bike racing game, but there needs to be more information available on it. Today, while playing this game, I was thinking why not provide an in-depth guide? So I compiled this pro level guide. This guide would cover various aspects, such as the gameplay, a complete guide to levels, information on different gaming modes in this game, and tips how to play Traffic Rider like a pro.

Many beginners find themselves stuck in career mode, primarily because the free version offers only a limited amount of coins and money. This restriction prevents most players from completing the career mode due to the insufficient resources. Consequently, they remain at the same level even after investing several hours.

Unlimited money is necessary to conquer all the levels and modes in the game. While the Traffic Rider mod APK provides access to locked features without cost, I’ll guide you through an alternative method to master the game.The advice I will share stems from my experience of consistent play over the past few months. With the help of this advice, you can easily beat the game without using any shortcuts or spending any real money. 

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Game Currency in Traffic Rider

This racing game offers three types of Gaming currency: cash, experience, and gold.


Cash is the most important currency in Traffic Riders, as it helps to buy or unlock most items in the game. For example, it allows you to unlock different heavy bikes. Most players are stuck in career mode because of limited cash. The good news is you can get the cash by playing three modes: career, endless, and time trial. Moreover, ads are another easy way to earn cash. Want to get more virtual money? This guide will help you get unlimited money in traffic rider game


Experience is another important currency for Traffic Riders. Typically, this item helps unlock the bikes because experience is required to unlock some heavy bikes. You can also get the experience by playing all three game modes, like cash.


Gold is the third gaming virtual currency in Traffic Riders and is a valuable item in the game. Players can do several things using it, like upgrading the bikes, buying new bikes, and unlocking several items. Besides this, gold also helps to extend the time (15+ seconds). By extending the time, you can easily complete levels.

 Thanks to a few easy and free ways to earn the gold, for example, by watching the ads daily. However, only the first ads provide the gold. Players can earn gold by completing levels, mainly by playing easy missions with upgraded bikes. 

Walkthrough of Modes

This game offers three different gaming modes, but you need to care about your career and endless mode. And both are enough to beat the game. 

Career Mode

This game mode is a great way to earn cash, experience, and gold. You can easily beat the game once you get all of these three items enough. In other words, these resources will help to complete the different missions and levels easily. After completing each mission in career mode, you will be rewarded cash currency and XP. 

This reward is much higher than any other player can get in any different mode. The XP reward will especially help the player to complete the mission easily. As a result, it will help to earn more cash and gold. And once you reach the final level, you will get a cash reward of 100,000  after completing the mission. 

But once you earn such currency, don’t use this money to unlock new bikes, even if the game asks you to upgrade. You should complete the mission and levels without upgrading the bike; although it’s pretty hard, this money will save you when you get stuck in career mode. For example, once you are stuck, you can get that gold and cash to unlock the heavy bike to beat the rest of the mode.

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Use Night Map to Play Endless Mode

Do you want to know a simple, easiest, and quick way to get more cash? Then, this trick will help you to earn 30% extra cash currency. To follow this, you should play Endless mode on the night map, which will give extra quick virtual money. 

Watch Ads and Follow Social Media Channels

Both methods are quick and easy ways to earn fast money: watching the ads and following social media official accounts of this website. The Traffic Rider game shows 30-second ads daily, which you can manage to make money.

However, when you install the game, for the first two days, you will be rewarded with gold for watching the ads, and after this, 500 cash will be awarded daily. It’s important to mention that while watching the ads, you can’t skip them; you have to watch them completely.

Another way is to follow Traffic Rider’s official social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You need to click a button to follow them, and you’ll be rewarded gold. 

Some Important Tips and Tricks

  • Please don’t waste your time by playing time trial mode because it offers little reward. Instead, you can play Endless Mode, which provides any time of reward. 
  • If you’ve a button on your smartphone, then use it to skip the popup ads during gameplay. 
  • Stay on the bike at the start of the game and then bump. Let me explain why, in my experience (I’m not sure 100% about it), I noticed the speed of vehicles in traffic is relative to your bike’s speed. 
  •  This means if the bike’s current speed is fast, the game will generate the same speed of cars in gameplay and vice versa. So, if you want to overtake the vehicle, you need to show some patience at the start and then quickly overtake the vehicle.

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