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Money is everything in a traffic rider game. This means you will need virtual currency for motorbike upgrades, purchases, and customization of heavy motorbikes. Additionally, money is used for power-ups, unlocking game modes, and resuming Gameplay after crashes. Regardless of its purpose, virtual cash is the most important item in the game.

However, getting money in a traffic rider racing game is quite challenging. It is also costly to purchase virtual cash using real money. But keep hope. Here, I will share free different ways to get unlimited money in Traffic Rider. You can effortlessly acquire unlimited money for this racing game by following these easy methods. Continue reading this article to discover these free techniques.

How to Get Unlimited Money in Traffic Rider

Getting infinite cash in Traffic Riders is not a big deal. There are some proven and easy ways to achieve it. Follow these methods to get free rewards in terms of money and gold.

Start Playing the Game with Career Mode 

Start Playing the Game with Career Mode

Traffic Riders offer four gaming modes: career, endless, trial, and free ride. I recommend playing the game in career mode if you’re starting. This Mode will not only help you improve your skills and play like a pro but also allow you to earn infinite coins and gold freely. Career mode consists of multiple levels and missions. After completing each one, you’ll receive rewards.

However, you will receive a good amount of money upon completing the final mission. For example, completing levels in the final mission grants you a whopping 100,000 cash. Players can use this money to make any in-game purchases.

Try The Endless Mode

Endless Mode in the Traffic Rider game allows players to ride motorcycles without specific objectives or missions. In other words, you can ride motorcycles without running out of time. However, this doesn’t mean the game will never end in any way. The game will be over if you clash with any object in traffic more than three times.

But how can you earn unlimited money with this mode? The logic is very simple: in this Mode, you can ride the motor for the maximum time since your Gameplay will only end slowly due to the endless Mode. As a result, you will receive more cash. Another tip to earn more cash while playing the game in this Mode is to play in night mode. Night mode gives you 30% more money than day mode in Traffic Rider.

Take Risk 

Take risks and earn more money. This is not a joke; it’s a legitimate way to achieve higher rewards. In this case, you have to ride the motorcycle in the opposite direction, which will result in greater rewards. Although it may seem illogical to ride a bike in the opposite direction, it is a guaranteed method to get unlimited money.

Don’t Skip The Ads to Earn Money 

Watching ads to earn money is the simplest and easiest way. To do this, you must watch ads daily, but the game only provides a limited number of daily ads. Another way to earn money is by following their social media accounts, such as subscribing to a YouTube channel, liking their Facebook page, and following them on Twitter. To find these options, navigate to the gift box on the home screen. 

Spend your Earned Money by Unlocking a More Powerful Heavy Bike 

Once you earn many coins, buy a more powerful bike. A powerful motorbike helps complete the levels and mission faster than slow-speed motorcycles. As a result, players will be able to earn money and gold at a quicker pace.

Use Mod Version 

All the above methods are legitimate and free ways to earn money in a traffic rider game. However, these methods take a lot of time to earn a decent amount of virtual cash in the game. You can download the Traffic Rider mod apk if you’re looking for a quicker, simpler, and easier way to earn unlimited money.

Players can access unlimited gold and coins by downloading and installing this modded version. Additionally, in the Traffic Rider mod, all bikes and modes are already unlocked. You can even install the modded version of this game on your computer or laptop. There is a mod version for iOS and also you can play this game on PC. So why are you waiting? Just download it and enjoy everything freely. 


How do you get more coins in Traffic Rider?

Career mode in the game is the most simple and easy way to get more coins. 

What is the use of gold in traffic riders?

In the game Traffic Rider, gold is a virtual currency that has several uses, such as the following:

  • Purchasing Motorcycles
  • Upgrading bikes
  • Unlocking Features
  • continuing Gameplay


Virtual money is essential in the Traffic Rider game, allowing players to upgrade and customize their motorcycles. Plus, it allows you to unlock game modes and resume gameplay after crashes. However, getting money in this bike racing game can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, there are proven methods to get unlimited money for free.

 By playing in career mode, trying the endless Mode with night mode, taking risks, watching ads, and unlocking more powerful bikes, players can earn money at a faster pace. Alternatively, downloading the mod version of Traffic Rider provides unlimited gold, coins, and unlocked features. Enjoy the game to the fullest with these free techniques.

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