Traffic Rider Bike Names

Do you want to know the names of all the bikes in Traffic Rider? Or, If you’re looking for the best bike in this racing game, I’ve compiled a complete list. Bikes are the main objects in Traffic Rider that players use for riding. The best thing about these heavy bikes is that players can customize and modify their appearance accordingly. 

Moreover, each motorcycle has unique performance, power, and other features. However, remember that these premium bikes are costly to unlock. Fortunately, by using the Traffic Rider mod apk, players can access all of them freely. Alternatively, another way to unlock these bikes is to earn unlimited money and gold in Traffic Rider.

Traffic Rider Bike Names

Here are the 15 best bikes available in the Traffic Rider game, which can be unlocked easily with money. Some bikes are cheap, while others are pretty expensive. You can unlock them with real money or access these motorcycles for free using the Traffic Rider Pro app. Additionally, the sound of these motor vehicles closely resembles that of real heavy bikes.

Bike namePowerHandlingBrakingMoney Required to Unlock
FZH TURBO304535Free
KF 450T6040653500
CX 750F7580906000
VX95 NIGHT8510011010,000
KBX 2501001158518,000
SHADOW R10512010030,000
PASS 22011010011536,000
CBZ 250Y1151259540,000
NJ 35013511513555,000
DCT STR14511512570,000
YNH CX6915516012085,000
ZX 750160140120100,000
FXT U2125150145120,000
CHIEF LT135140170140,000

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How to unlock All bikes 

As mentioned earlier, 34 bikes are available in Traffic Rider, but in the free version, you can only access one bike. The rest of the bikes can be unlocked using virtual cash. Some of these bikes are easily accessible with a small amount of money, while others are quite expensive, requiring a significant amount of virtual cash to unlock. 

However, by using the mod version of Traffic Rider, you gain access to all these bikes, and the mod also provides unlimited virtual cash, allowing you to customize the appearance of all super-bikes as you wish. One standout bike in the game is the LAZ 400, the most expensive and powerful option for traffic riders. This heavy bike has numerous features that enhance the real-time riding experience.

So if you want to unblock your bike, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the game.
  • Step 2: Click on the garage.
  • Step 3: Select your desired bike and enjoy it.

However, make sure you have enough cash to unlock a specific bike.

My Favorite Bike

Although I like many bikes in the Traffic Rider game, my favorite one is the MX450X. This superbike is the 4th most powerful and expensive bike in the game. In appearance and design, the MX450X is very similar to the LAZ 400, but it has a red color.

Regarding power and specifications, the MX450X boasts 340 power, 330 handling, and 325 braking capability. This makes the bike a true powerhouse in power, handling, and braking, promising a real superbike experience when all these features come together.

However, unlocking this bike can be expensive, as it ranks as the 3rd most expensive bike in the Traffic Rider game. To ride it, you must have 1,500,000 virtual cash in your account. Accumulating such a huge amount might seem impossible in the free version of the game. However, it is possible to get the MX450X by using mod versions or spending real money.


There is no doubt that Traffic Rider stands as one of the best racing games out there, thanks to its impressive selection of over 34 powerful and versatile superbikes. The goal of this article was to share all these bikes with you so that you can understand each model comprehensively. Once you complete different missions and levels, these motorcycles become available to access and enjoy.


How many motorcycles are there in the Traffic Rider game?

This game has more than 34 superbikes, and each is different in terms of performance, specifications, and features.

What are the best bikes in the Traffic Rider game?

The best motorcycles in this game are LAZ 400, MX450X, Aura, Toma, and MX-400S.

How can I unlock a bike in Traffic Rider?

Players can unlock any bike with virtual money. However, each motorcycle requires different cash amounts to open. You can earn this money by completing levels and missions. Additionally, there are various tips and tricks to make quick cash in Traffic Rider.

Which bike has the fastest speed?

The LAZ 400 is the fastest and most powerful motorcycle in the game.

Which bike is good in terms of mileage?

In terms of mileage, the VALKYRIE is considered the best.

Which motorcycle has the best features?

The LAZ 400 has superior features and specifications compared to all other bikes.

Are bikes free for Traffic Riders?

Only the FZH TURBO is freely available in the game; other bikes are locked and require cash to unlock them.

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