Top Bikes in Traffic Rider for Speed & Control

Bike racing games provide a fantastic riding experience when the graphics are perfect and other elements resemble real-world simulations. Regarding the best biking game, Traffic Rider stands out at the top. It is a popular motorbike racing game on the Google Play Store and the Huawei App Gallery.

This game features many high-quality elements that make it the best game, and among these, bikes are the most crucial objects in Traffic Rider. To become a successful player in this game, you must choose premium-quality bikes. 

However, if you’re a beginner and need clarification on the excellent bike in this game, this guide will share the top 5 best bikes of Traffic Rider that players can use for riding.These bikes have excellent speed, power, and other necessary attributes, including brakes and grips. With the help of these bikes, players can easily complete any challenge or mission. 

Not only are they powerful, but they are also visually appealing and resemble real bikes. Even their sound is similar to heavy bikes in the real world. However, you must upgrade to the paid version or download the Traffic Rider Mod APK to use these bikes.

 If you choose the Traffic Rider Pro version, all bikes are unlocked, allowing you to access premium motorcycles.On the other hand, if you prefer not to download the mod version or upgrade to the paid version, you can follow these tips and tricks to earn unlimited money in traffic rider. By earning unlimited gold, you can unlock any bike you desire.

Best Bikes of Traffic Rider

LAZ 400

The LAZ 400 is the fastest heavy bike in the Traffic Rider game. Although this bike was unavailable in the previous version, it is included in the latest update. After updating to the new version, you can access it.The LAZ 400 has a power of 320, handling specifications of 300, and a braking capability of 310. With its incredible speed and powerful specifications, you can reach any destination in seconds.

 Players can instantly complete any challenge or mission, making it the fastest bike in Traffic Rider for quickly finishing missions and levels. However, these features are only helpful if you have good control and the necessary skills to play this game. Players can get this bike from the bike garage. 

However, keep in mind this is a costly bike. To unlock the LAZ 400, players need 2,000,000 virtual cash and must currently be at level 53 or higher. However, you can get instant access to this bike using the traffic rider pro version. 


If you prefer red-colored bikes, the MX450X is another excellent player choice. It shares a similar design and appearance with the LAZ 400. This powerful bike has a power of 300, a handling capacity of 290, and a braking capability of 285. With its 300 horsepower, players can effortlessly complete missions or levels within seconds.

The 285 braking capability provides complete control while riding, ensuring the bike remains safe from collisions with any obstacles. In other words, 285 braking gives complete grip control to stop the bike suddenly. However, similar to the LAZ 400, unlocking the MX450X can be quite expensive. For instance, it requires $1,500,000 in cash and the completion of 49 levels.


As a player of the Traffic Rider game, you already know that having a fast and powerful sport-heavy bike is crucial. Such an efficient motorcycle makes it easier to navigate through crowded traffic. Considering this, developers have included the Aura bike in the game to handle such scenarios. With its 290 horsepower and 270 handling power, players can safely ride this bike while maintaining complete control. 

The Aura has slightly less braking power than the MX450X, with only 280, but it is still enough for safe riding and control. Furthermore, the Aura is the best bike for traffic riders who desire a superbike experience. With speeds of 380 KMH, you can quickly leave your competitors in the dust. However, to unlock this bike, you must have 1,250,000 virtual cash in your account and complete 46 levels.


How can I unlock premium bikes?

To unlock the bikes, players need in-game cash. Cash can be earned by playing the game or purchasing it with real money. However, both of these methods may only be suitable for some users. Fortunately, the mod version of this game provides an easier way to unlock these bikes. Luckily, you can download Traffic Rider for PC, iOS, and Android.

Which is the fastest bike for a traffic rider?

Regarding speed and power, the LAZ 400 is the fastest superbike. This bike boasts 320 horsepower, a handling capacity 300, and a braking capability of 310.


Having a fast and powerful bike in a traffic ride game enhances gameplay, making it more enjoyable and smoother. Therefore, it is necessary to have a top-quality premium superbike. Several options are available when considering the best bikes for traffic riders, including the LAZ 400, MX450X, and Aura. These motorcycles have unique features and attributes that contribute to a super-fast and smooth riding experience.

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