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Playing games on smartphones is much easier compared to PCs, especially for playing bike racing games. Additionally, accessing a wide variety of games on a smartphone is like a breeze. So, playing the traffic rider game is no big deal. This racing game is similar to others.

 However, if you’re still unsure how to play traffic rider, this guide will help you. In this article, I will guide you on playing the traffic rider game on smartphones and computers. So, keep reading this blog post to become a pro player of this racing game. 

How to Play Traffic Rider

 Step 1: Download and Install Traffic Rider

 To play this game, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store—search for “Traffic Rider” and click the “Install” or “Download” button when the game appears. Alternatively, if you want the Traffic Rider mod app, it can be downloaded from our website. 

Step 2: Launch the Game and Choose Your Language

After completing the download and installation process, open the game and choose your preferred language. This bike racing game is available in over 18 languages, which allows players to select their desired language for gameplay.

 Step 3: Select Your Control Options 

Traffic Rider offers two bike control options: tilt and touch. Both of these controls function similarly, with only slight differences between them. In tilt mode, you tilt your mobile phone left or right to steer the bike, while in touch mode, you use on-screen buttons to control its movements. You can try both options to determine which suits your playstyle best. 

Step 4: Choose Your First Bike 

Traffic Rider offers a wide range of heavy bikes players can use for riding. However, in the basic version of this game, only one bike is initially unlocked and available for use. Other bikes remain locked and can be unlocked by completing various missions and objectives. Alternatively, players can download and install Traffic Rider Hack, which grants access to all unlocked superbikes. 

Step 5: Understand the Gameplay 

The concept and gameplay of this game are very simple and easy to understand. For example, players must ride a heavy bike as far as possible without hitting other objects on the route. The game provides a first-person view (FPV), making it more exciting and enjoyable as players navigate the bike through busy streets and highways. Players can ride a bike without hitting oncoming vehicles and overtake other vehicles to earn money and coins in traffic rider game.

 Step 6: Master the Art of Overtaking 

Overtaking is a pro level skill, whether you’re playing a game or riding a vehicle in the real world. However, mastering this skill requires extra hard work and playing the game fiercely, as higher speeds demand more skillful maneuvers. Overtaking other vehicles in traffic is crucial as it helps score points and extend your ride. But when you’re overtaking, do it with precision and perfect timing.

 Step 7: Ride at Different Times of Day 

This racing game offers two gaming modes: day and night, each with different visibility and traffic density. You can experiment with riding during different times of the day to experience varying challenges and scenery. 

Step 8: Complete Missions and Objectives

You must complete missions and objectives within a certain time limit to win or earn unlimited money in the game. Completing these missions will also unlock different bikes. So, the best tip for Traffic Riders is to complete missions as quickly as possible to earn extra points or in-game currency. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that using the Traffic Rider iOS app will give you unlimited gaming currency to us on iOS devices. 

How to Play Traffic Rider on Computer

Please note that no official version of this game is available for desktop computers. However, you can still play this game using the Traffic Rider Mod APK for PC. After downloading the mod APK file from our website, follow the steps below to play the game on your laptop or computer. 

Step 2: Install the Android Emulator

 An Android emulator is software designed to enable you to play Android games on a desktop computer. There are several emulators available, such as Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. To begin, download the emulator of your choice and install it on your computer. 

Step 3: Launch the Emulator and Sign-In 

After installing the emulator, launch it, and sign in to your Google account to access the Google Play Store. 

Step 4: Download Traffic Rider

After signing in to the GPS, please open it and search for Traffic Rider. Next, find the official game developed by Soner Kara in the Play Store results and click on the “Install” button. The game will then be automatically downloaded and installed.

 Step 5: Start Playing

 Once the game is successfully installed, you can find Traffic Rider on the emulator’s home screen. Alternatively, locate the app drawer. After finding the icon of this game, click on it to launch it and start playing on your desktop computer.


Playing racing games on mobile devices is a much easier and more comfortable option. Similarly, playing the game ‘Traffic Rider’ on smartphones is simple; follow the above mentioned steps. However, playing this game on a PC is tricky since you can’t run ‘Traffic Rider’ directly on a computer. To play it on a PC or laptop, you must use third-party software like Bluestacks, which work as an Android emulator. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Install Bluestacks on your computer.
  •  Launch Bluestacks and set it up. 
  • Search for ‘Traffic Rider’ within the Bluestacks app. 
  • Install the game from the search results.
  •  Once the installation is complete, open the game and start playing on your computer or laptop.

By making these steps, it will be clearer and easier to follow for readers who want to play ‘Traffic Rider’ on different devices. 

How many features are there in Traffic Rider? 

The Traffic Rider game offers four different gaming modes, each with unique challenges and objectives.

 Does Traffic Rider cost money?

 This bike racing game is free to play; however, to unlock premium bikes, you have to pay. 

 How is the game Traffic Rider played? 

In Traffic Rider, you can play by pressing the right handlebar, and to slow down or stop, you press the left one. To steer the bike left or right, you only need to tilt your device—a natural and easy motion seamlessly integrated into the game.

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