We respect intellectual property rights. If you believe your copyrighted work appears on our website without authorization, you can request its removal by submitting a DMCA takedown notice to appwikied@gmail.com.

What to Include in Your Notice:

  • Your Contact Information: Provide your full name and a valid email address where we can reach you.
  • Rights Owner Identification: State that you are the authorized representative of the copyright owner.
  • Identification of Infringing Material: Clearly describe the copyrighted work and its location on our website. Include a specific URL for the infringing content.
  • Copyright Proof: Attach a URL or legal document proving your copyright ownership (e.g., registration certificate).

What We Will Do:

We will review your notice promptly and take appropriate action within 48 hours of receipt. If we validate your claim, we will remove the infringing material.

Important Notes:

  • Misrepresenting Material as Infringing: Knowingly submitting false information may subject you to legal liability.