How to Skip a Level in Traffic Rider?

The Traffic Rider game offers several different levels of gameplay. These different stages together make the game more exciting and enjoyable. However, sometimes, we don’t want to play certain levels and want to skip them. So, this guide will help you skip a level in Traffic Rider. 

How To Skip A Level 

Traffic Rider is undoubtedly the best bike racing game. It provides excellent gameplay, allowing players to enjoy every second of the game. The best thing about this game is that it offers various features, such as four different gaming modes, 26 heavy bikes, 40 levels, and missions. Some missions in this racing game are very easy to pass, while some seem impossible to complete.

 If you want to bypass those unwanted levels, let me share a few ways to do so. Although this game does not provide any way to skip those impossible levels, with the help of some tricks and tips, this can be possible. 

Step 1: Play the Game and Fail 

First, open the game and start playing that mission you want to bypass. Once the game starts, ride the bike for a given time. For example, in the following screenshot, you can see the given time is 64.5 seconds. So I rode the bike for that given time, and after time passed, the bike stopped. Once time is finished, it will show a popup message like this. 

“Time is up! 





CONTINUE playing traffic rider game

Click on the no button. Once it shows you previous level achievements, click on the load icon and again start playing the traffic rider

Step: Again, Play the Traffic Rider and Fail

It might be you’re thinking, are you kidding me? How can I skip the mission by playing the game again? But have trust, this trick is really working. So you have to play the game for a given time, for example, 64.5 seconds. Play the stage for that amount of time. Once time is finished again, it will show you your achievement score. Here traffic rider will show you a popup message on the top left side of the screen with this text. 




Now, simply click on the Skip Mission button. Once you click on it, that level will be bypassed. You can check the screenshot to perform this step. 


Alternative Option to Skip Mission: Use Mod Version 

The Traffic Rider mod app is a great alternative to bypassing any level. By using modded versions, players can skip the impossible stages because all missions are already unlocked. Moreover, the modified app of Traffic Rider gives access to all gaming modes, premium bikes, unlimited money, fuel, and gold. After downloading and installing this file, you can use all these things freely. 

Advantages of Skipping A Levels

While skipping a level in Traffic Rider can be beneficial for some players who find certain stages too challenging, at the same time, it also has potential drawbacks. Here are a few of them:

Time-Saving: Players who are unable to complete certain stages after various attempts can easily save time by skipping those missions. This allows them to progress in the game more quickly.  

Keep You Motivated to Play the Game: As a gaming player, I know how frustrating it is when we are stuck on a certain level and can’t pass it. As a result, we often stop playing that game. But by skipping impossible missions, players can maintain their interest, instead of giving up. 

Overcoming Difficulty: Bypassing an impossible stage allows players to skip missions that are quite hard to pass. As a result, players can enjoy the game without getting stuck.

 Disadvantages of Skipping A Levels

Besides benefits, you also need to understand the possible cons of skipping stages. 

Resource Spending: Skipping levels requires spending in-game currency, such as coins or gems. For example, in Traffic Riders, you need six gold to skip the mission. 

Missed Content: Each mission in this racing game offers different types of gameplay, and passing any stage means you’re missing it. Moreover, you’ll also lose the chance to earn gold and coins in traffic rider, which you can get by completing missions. 

Loss of Challenge: Skipping a level gives you some benefits, but you can not become a master of the game in that way. 


Traffic Rider is, without a doubt, the best bike racing game. But like other video games, this one has a combination of easy and hard levels. Sometimes, certain missions become too hard to complete, so instead of giving up, you can simply skip them. 


Can I skip levels in Traffic Rider?

Yes, there are two ways to achieve this. The first way is to play the game and fail; do this step a second time. After the 2nd attempt, the game will show you the option to skip the mission. Another way is to use a modified version of the Traffic Rider game in which all levels are already unlocked.

Can I skip any level in Traffic Riader?

Players can bypass any level in the game, but to skip that mission, you must have required gold. 

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